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This site was launched with the aspiration to become the leading site for content and community related to market intelligence.   What it is.  How to build it.  How to scale it. How to implement it.  How to go from data to insights to better decisions to increased ROI.  A comprehensive source about the application of comprehensive market information.  The content here will be wide-ranging — from case studies and success stories to best practices and thought leadership.

It has been said that today’s information economy is on the verge of a grand synthesis — a mashup of data-oriented disciplines that includes market research, business intelligence, competitive intelligence, big data, analytics, and more.  The outcome of that synthesis is market intelligence — a truly complete and comprehensive understand of the marketplace. Translating this information into insights and action is the art and science of data-driven decision-making.  When it comes to the impact of technology on consumer lives, and the impact of data on how business gets done — we are still early in the adoption curve.  We are much closer to the end of the beginning than to the beginning of the end.

In addition to curating outstanding content, we intend for this site to evolve into a hub for the market intelligence community.  A place for connections to form and grow; a forum for planning and promoting conferences; a place for people interested in market intelligence and data-driven decision-making to find kindred spirits.

Thoughts?  Ideas? Want to be a contributor?  Reach out to me — I welcome your input!


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